jobs. in gif form.

A job. I had one. I've had many. I've had so many I'm sure I severely alarmed my parents for a spell and had them questioning my sanity. I am a Human Resources professional's nightmare. And I would know. 

I chose to add gifs into this equation because I really just want to be like Alissa. And I find them humorous. And here we go...

1 - McDonalds. I was 14 and thought sure! Cleaning the lobby and pouring sodas and wait.... Cleaning the bathrooms? I lasted one shift. My hair stunk and my shoes were greasy and the bathroom was disgusting. I had my whole life to live! You should have seen the ketchup refill bags! I cannot stand the sight of condiments in bulk to this day.

2 - CVS Pharmacy. It still kind of surpises me that they allowed a freshly turned 16 year old to work in the pharmacy with zero training or any real previous work experience at all but this was the 90's and they did. So I did. Counting pills and the like.

3 - Old Navy. I worked here on and off for years. The glory of retail is it's a tad cyclical. I could work over winter break or a few hours here and there or just during the summer doing shipment before 9 am. I folded jeans and worked on the register and I got to wear those headphone things, which was always a dream of mine.

4 - Front desk person for the local community pool. Riveting. And hot. Very hot. Plus all those children...

5 - An after school program for inner city kids from high-risk families. I lasted a month. I wasn't cut out for it. Childhood education not being my thing. 

6 - Staples Copy Center. I learned many a skill here I used later on in all my administrative role wonders. Copy. Collate. Staple. Bind.

7 - Business office at my college. I answered the phones. For a few weeks... trying to get in good with the professors...

8 - A shift as a hotel receptionist. I saw the uniform and bailed in a hot minute. A bandanna around my neck! Gasp! I just can't handle that kind of flair.

9 - A shift as a hostess at a family restaurant. I was told to remove my earrings and nail polish. That kind of conservative was crazy to me. 

10 - Receptionist at a local gym. I would sign people up for memberships. And then close up shop at the end of the night. Sometimes I worked out too.

11 - An unpaid summer internship at a local TV station in Public Relations. Such a special group those non-profit types. This started off many of my roles there. 

First up was...

Development Administrative Assistant. Obvious administrative work, mailings, data entry, etc. This department felt more "corporate" than my internship but I still liked it. 

Until I felt the need to focus more on what I still wanted to do, PR....

12 - A distribution company had an opening for a E-marketing Assistant. I was in a cube. In a basement. With zero natural light. In February. Doing the most mind-numbing work to date and it was so QUIET! I would find something else. I was only 21! So much life to live!

13 - Enter in the TV station again. They had a grant. Working in PR on a website that was relatively new. But as grants do they ran out. 

Then this position became available...

Human Resources/Special Events Assistant. Notice that slash? The shocker here was that I loved the Human Resources portion of my job more than the Special Events side. Time passed and new hires came and went and eventually my role was to transition 100% to special events. Now that I did not love. But I tried it for a bit. 

While I was trying it I also got a lot of interview experience elsewhere. Hospitals, retirement communities, a bank, a newspaper, etc. And eventually I was offered a job. A job well above my head. 

14 - Human Resources Manager for a manufacturing company. I didn't ask the right questions in the interview and I knew better than that. I really had no idea of what I was getting in to. Me no likey. 

I still had a habit of checking employment ads and found the next and final stop on my list... 

15 - Human Resources Admin for a feed company. Here I stayed for four years. The job itself fit me better. My boss was so so good. Her boss as well. We got along like peas and carrots (right L?). I learned a great deal from her and I really enjoyed my job. 

And then I had Letty... and my eternal weekend began. 

How about that for a tome? How many jobs have you had?