i'm a mainiac

We used to live in Maine. In fact, my sister was born in Maine. My mother went to nursing school there back in the 70's. Her parents retired there in the early 80's. And so my dad was convinced to move there. We lasted six years because... this. While my father has never been back, I on the other hand, have been. Many times. 

I took Matt there once as a graduation from college trip... and then five years later we went back with my pregnant belly and my Mainiac of a sister. We stayed in Ellsworth the first time and Bar Harbor the second time. We obviously visited Acadia National Park. We hit up Cranberry Island and toured our old home, my grandparent's old home, our sometimes-church and one-room school house. With Beth in tow we went on a sailboat and had lots of yummy dinners, including one from an old haunt from when we were kids. We hunted lupines because they are just everywhere and I love this book. We also went to bed by 8 every night because the belly deemed it so. The first trip was rainy and cold, while the second was gorgeous and cold. It really is such a beautiful state. Craggy coastlines are the best kind of coastline if you ask me.

As always... lots of photos!

I'm up for another visit. Who's with me?


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  1. Me! Me! I'm with you! Remember how close we were to going together before? We have GOT to make an Olsen trip happen. One day. :) How far along were you with Letty? Beautiful pregnant mama! And the pictures are just gorgeous. Sometimes I forget about Maine. Love the rugged beauty...and the coastlines are the best!

    Matt as a college grad...haha. Love the baggie jeans and sneakers ;) And classic Matt with the boob moutains! That's the Matt we know and love! ;p

  2. Me too! I love it. Looks gorgeous! Makes me a little homesick. Lol creepy Coastal BC doggleganger that Maine is.

  3. i can go too woot woot. also your belly aw. so cutey cute. you know i love me some maine even if i've only been like twice.

  4. also your title is the bestest. forgot to mention that

  5. I want to visit Maine so bad. Chris lived there for most of his childhood, and has some of the best stories. Plus the scenery....I mean...I need that!

  6. Oh it is sooo pretty! Wow! I can't get over how nice it is... you have made my afternoon : )


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