i met a kiwi and she came and stayed with us in our home.

I never done anything like this before. (I am saying that in my best dumb Brooklyn accent, ala Sex and the City and the episode where she judges the firemen. Just like Ricky. Who's sisters made him do it.)

Back to the task at hand. Sarah. One of, if not the first blog friend. For the non-blog community this may seem odd (in fact most everyone who knows me in real life was confused). But picture it like an old-fashioned pen pal. We read each other's blog posts (letters), we wrote comments (return letters) and so on. Eventually it became ridiculous to be emailing and commenting and messaging through Facebook and Twitter all at once and so we exchanged cell numbers. Yes, like dating. Then not only do we read the posts and comment back and forth but we text. You get the picture? Before you know it this person who you have never met becomes a dear friend. Strange, yes? One night in the months of winter's past the Grand Plan was hatched that when Sarah and her husband visited Manhattan this summer they would drive the few hours and also meet me and mine. And so they did. And I told them they were staying in my home should they not mind the noise and the early wake-up call that noise provides. Which I was assured they did not.

Which brings me to this past weekend.

And.... it was great! After the hustle and bustle of Manhattan I would like to think that some peace in the country was just what they needed. We lounged around and talked and then talked some more. I made lists  (!) because that's me. 

Things that possibly could have happened but most certainly did not happen:
- We were catfished. But they showed up and looked and sounded just like I thought they would. Also we all looked up the definition of catfished. 
- Mass murder. Since I am typing this we all know they didn't kill us in our sleep. Or vice versa. 
- Awkwardness. Not a fan of it. Thankfully they arrived and it went off all smooth like. It was like kick your jandals off and make yourself at home!
- I offend the expats and disgrace my home state and/or native land. At least I don't think I did that. Sezzeh? Spelling? 
- Feel ridiculously dumb. Sarah is a petrophysicist. Say whaaaa? And she told me once her husband is the smartest person she knows. Soooo...cue crickets of the nervous variety. Turns out they are very smart and very down to earth people.

Here is the only picture I took all weekend because I have no idea why:

Things we did over the weekend that Sarah and her husband can cross off their bucket list. Legitimately:
- Saw the Amish
- Drove through a covered bridge
-Saw fireflies. The fireflies was actually one of the coolest things to witness. They were so excited (particularly Sarah) because it was a first. I think you should always try and be a part of someone's first firefly viewing. I even caught her a bunch so she could get a closer look. We take those fireflies for granted you know. 

Things Matt and I learned:
- Fanny doesn't refer to your butt down under. It refers to your lady parts. Never look at a fanny pack the same again, eh?
- If you ask for a Fosters in Australia that's bad. Very bad. 
- All kinds of interesting New Zealand facts like they have not a single poisonous creature and how they handle their taxes and so on. 

Now that they have flown on back to Texas for a spell I'll just resume life as normal except for the addition of a few new words for some not so new things. Jandals. Uni. Verandah. I'll call Austrailia 'Aus' (pronounced Oz). And just generally sound more intelligent. 

- Loz. Over and out.