On the chalkboard: I'm just all about my country lately what can I say?

Reading: Yes! I still read! It only took me three months to get through my Stephen King tome but I did eventually do just that. Now on to Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill. My brother left it here for me when we moved in because I dig Kennedy. And books. So far so good.

Watching with Matt: Not a damn thing. I go to bed and he goes to the basement. We are so close to it being finished I can almost taste the popcorn.

Eating: Raspberries and strawberries with a tiny bit of cornflakes. 
Drinking: Lemon infused water. Because I'm trying to be fancy. But then I tone it down with my plastic sippy cup. 
Planning: Other than the basement reno and a certain boy's second Thomas birthday party and a certain girl's fourth Frozen birthday party I am obsessed with making my house look like a Pottery Barn catalogue. But the budget is tight people. Read: no line item for superfluous redecoration of entire home. But! I was able to convince Matt we needed a new coffee table. So this is it. He refused to have any hard surface after this curious incident about the girl in the nighttime. To be fair it did end up in several traumatic stitches for her so.... Maybe I'll let him fear the coffee table.

Watching on the treadmill: The Good Wife. I have been slowly whittling away at this series for what feels like months. It's most likely because there were about 50 episodes in season one. But I am in season two. And I like it. I feel like I am a lawyer by association. I have dreams that are legal in nature and I say things like sustained and irrelevant in my head a lot. Plus it's just good. 

As I type this: Letty found this video and I kinda think it's hilarious. 



  1. haha good recap. i love the ottoman! and the good wife is great. i slacked off lately but i should get back on that train. and lastly, i am putting that book on my wishlist. love me some kennedy. since i was named after one, after all.

  2. Oh gosh..I swoon over the pottery barn catalog every time it comes in the mail. But HOLY SHIT! That stuff is expensive! I'm sure the ottoman will look fab. And you sound crazy busy!

  3. Pottery barn and restoration hardware will be the death of me. We have a gigantic ottoman in the living room too for that reason as well. No coffee table injuries!

  4. Lol! That video! And I looooove the coffee table! Yay!

  5. That is a beauty of a coffee table. I hate pottery barn because I love it.

  6. Love the coffee table. Oh, and The Good Wife. I can't get enough of lemon infused water either. :)


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