bucket list!

I'd like to think I've been to a lot of places in my lifetime and I really am quite lucky - I am fully aware. But there are plenty of places I have yet to see that I just can't wait to get to. Someday. So in no particular order I give you my travel Bucket List....

- Ireland
I want to see this coast line. I want to sit in a pub in the smokey air and listen to the accents all while drinking a legit Guinness. Mostly I just want to see this coastline. And maybe a castle or two.

- Greece
I was positively green with envy when my sister headed to Greece on her honeymoon. This place and I have to meet and we have to meet soon. Particularly Santorini. But I'll take any of it. I read A Year in the World by Frances Mayes and it sort of permanently placed Greece as a must see in my mind. As if I needed further excuses.

- Egypt
I've been dreaming of a cruise to Egypt for a few years now. I'd love to lay my eyes on these just once. Even if just for a few minutes.

- California wine country
I feel like this one is not only a shock to be on this list but also a no-brainer. How is it possible that I have yet to be to Napa Valley and the like is beyond me. But it shall someday be remedied. Wine and I are friends forever.

- Poland
On a much more somber note I would someday like to pay my respects at a concentration camp. I've always been slightly obsessed with all things Holocaust related and so this is something I'll have to do at some point. 

- Germany
Did you know I'm German? Well I am. So I best go and check it all out right? I've been to Germany on a technicality that involved a few moments at an airport but I've never walked around and taken it all in. So. I shall. Maybe all those semesters of college German will come in handy. Ja?

- Thailand
This really doesn't need much of an explanation now does it? It's gorgeous. Look at that water?! I'd love to send up a floating lantern too. Or watch a bunch of them float away. 

Ah yes that was fun. Now I know where my head will be all day. In the clouds....


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