an obligatory follow-up

After the big announcement last week most bloggers will end up writing all about how they found out they were pregnant or their cravings or how they have been feeling or if they are wearing maternity clothes yet...etc. It's what people do apparently. I've read a lot of them. 

So here it is. Kinda. Also, a horribly grainy photo of the gummi bear residing in my uterus a few weeks ago.

Our story starts awhile ago. As in 2007. When we were infertile. Two years and lots of tests and a lot of coin and two IUIs later we got pregnant with Letty. In 2011 we had what doctor's refer to as a "spontaneous pregnancy," meaning we wanted a baby and we tried on our own and we got just that. I thought maybe my "unexplained infertility" diagnosis was wrong. Or maybe that the pregnancy had fixed whatever was wrong with me? I've read that a pregnancy can heal a body. Why not mine?

And then we move right along to 2013. Lots of trying. No baby. Lotttttts of people around me getting pregnant, which is always wonderful and yet hard to see at the same time. Still no baby. After quite a few months (6) I decided I was going to bi-pass the "wait a year" mandate and just go back to my old friend the fertility doctor. 

Two IUIs later here we are again. This time was a bit different than with Letty. There were a few more procedures necessary and a hell of a lot more hormones and money. All nothing of course once you get that nice little phone call that it finally worked. It was just as awesome hearing it the second time as it was the first, I'll tell you. 

So there is my story. No surprise positive... No cute way to tell my husband. Science was involved. And I've known for many many many weeks because when science is involved that is just how it is. I have had the pleasure of hearing our baby's heartbeat three times already and I've seen him or her twice on an ultrasound. It's a wondrous thing science isn't it?

I feel great, even when I don't. I embrace the sick and the tired and in fact I welcome it. Who wouldn't want to feel like crap after all those months of feeling just fine? 

I don't have a feeling as to gender... And I don't care either way. Matt is animate he cannot have another Letty. My sister and sister-in-law's are all hoping for a girl so their girls will all be close and the best of cousins. Time shall tell. 

This is most likely my last time around the pregnancy ride... So I'm really going to want to document it as best I can in as inoffensive a way as possible. Just a head's up. ;)