a trip to sodor: a day out with thomas

There is a staple around Lancaster County that I have not gone near since I was a child, and that staple is the Strasburg Railroad. My one and only memory of this place is of my younger brother perched on my grandma's lap cowering into her jacket every time the train peeped it's horn (is it called a horn?). He had a conductor hat on and he was quite the adorable little toddler. We have it on video. Anywayssss..... David loves Thomas. He can't say Thomas. He says mama. Also short for Mickey Mouse, mom, milk and more. The alliterations of the word are unending....but suffice it to say he loves him, regardless of pronunciation.

So when Thomas was coming to town again my interest was peaked and I considered the image of my scared little brother and also the other similarities those two share (mainly their lack of reaction to any and all physical pain, general rough-ness, and typically fearless nature) and decided I would roll the dice and attend. After all David is still under two and therefore free so if he hated it no foul right?

Thankfully I had my Stephs there to show me the ropes. This wasn't her first rodeo. It's a well oiled machine as only Sodor and useful engines should be. The trains run on time. The photo opp after the ride is quite speedy. There are little other rides for the kids to go on that are included with the price of admission. And toys. Lots of train tables and toys. And music. Avery also gifted us with her rendition of The Song That Never Ends, otherwise known as Let it Go. Oh and Letty got a tattoo. 

But back to the trains. This day was for the boys as they are choo-choo obsessed. I am not over-exaggerating in the slightest, even though I tend to do a wee bit of embellishment from time to time. They love their trains. They love their Thomas. They yell at each other when one or the other is holding on to Percy. They lay on the floor and stare at the wheels as they go around. Serious business these trains. So yes, the day was for them.

They treated the train as seriously as they treat their wheel watching endeavors. Once they got past the initial OH MY GOODNESS THERE IS THOMAS AND I LOOOOOOOOOVE HIM kicking and squealing and clapping thing. Oh yes and they compared bellies, waved at passerby's, and took their crocs off to air out their piggies.

After that hot hot day we went straight to a local creamery and got delicious ice cream. It was the cutest little place and I wish I could have taken more photos but David was doing his thing where he doesn't have any bones and Letty needed her ice cream yesterday soooo.... only this one photo. If you are ever in Strasburg hit up their Creamery. I can speak for the coffee and the chocolate flavors as they were delish. Avery had about five other kinds and she deemed them all good as well.

I foresee many more a Strasburg Railroad visits. I would particularly enjoy the Christmas train complete with Santa and sugar cookies and carolers. And perhaps they would have a Hogwarts Express in which case let me go grab my owl and I'll be right there....