a happy day to all the dads!

You want to know how to make it a great Father's Day? Then you have come to the right place.

1. Wake the daddy up before 7 am. Nay, before 6:30 am. The daughter is excited and wants to give him her surprise! The surprise being this oh so creative piece of art that she had difficulty keeping a secret for the past 48 hours.

2. Bring him Fruity Pebbles in bed along with coffee. Mostly milk, and a drop of coffee. The daddy may have enjoyed Eggs Benedict but you are just a lost soul without your chef so it was a cereal or a pop tart, which probably would have been a cold one anyways. 

3. Send him off to Lowe's to buy paint for the basement. But only after you get your run in while he watches the kids. And changes a dirty diaper.

4. Drag him to Dutch Wonderland where you make him go on all the rides that spin or twist or drop because well... There is a baby in your belly. And someone needs to sit with the stroller. 
Just look at that tall drink of water! Let's all tell him how much we love his beard and long hair combo. Please? I've spent the past 9 years of my life convincing him it is his look. Moving on, lest I get too romantic.

5. Make him a dry sandwich. Just meat and cheese. No tasty balsamic like he would have preferred. But throw in some Pirate's Booty in there just to show him how much you care.

6. The yard will need to be mowed. 

7. The basement will need it's first coat of paint. 

8. Bring him to your parent's house for dinner. Where the children will act like maniacs and embarrass the lot of us. But at least the food is tasty and it is plentiful.

9. The basement's first coat will still need to be completed.

I'm not sure what is more apparent by the above list, that I am an awful wife and human being or that Matt is a wonderful father and a saint? I go with the saint. We are oh so lucky. 

p.s. Hasn't David grown up fast!? Just look at him.
And this:

Yeah she was there too:

And of course a happy day to my daddy. May your wife and children have been kinder to you than we were to our Matt.

I waxed all poet last year about my dad and Matt. On the off chance you're feeling sentimental.