wine plus ice cream equals happy

If you happened to frequent this blog last year around this time you know I go a bit nuts for Memorial Day Weekend. I get all kinds of crazy plans and ideas in my head and I just fill it up to the brim as much as my little family shall allow. Memorial Day Weekend of 2014 did not disappoint.

Due to the harsh winter we had the number one tradition of strawberry picking was not to be had. Not in this state or the bordering ones. I was forced to look elsewhere for entertainment. I had heard about Flavor Fest for a few years running and decided that this would be the year we tried it. So we loaded up the van and brought the kids to an event deemed family friendly but really was just a giant event to taste wine. Matt and his inner pirate greatly enjoyed the atmosphere, but none of us enjoyed the crowds. At least we gave it a go yes? Oh I should mention that it is free. You just need $3 to pay for the little tasting glass that if you are savvy enough you have on some kind of holder around your neck. Next year. Next year.

Memorial Day Weekend holds all kinds of openings for the season. One of which is the Jigger Shop. Lest an hour of my day go unplanned I dragged everyone who was willing up to Mount Gretna for this opening. With the power of positive thinking there was zero line which in and of itself is a sign from God. The milkshake was good. The kids enjoyed. It was a wrap. 



  1. your mom has blond hair & blue eyes? how did I never notice that before? lol

    1. Those eyes she has always had obviosuly. ;) but the hair is dyed. I don't think I have ever seen her natural shade of brown actually.

  2. love the jigger shop. and everything you're saying. everyone looks gorg!

  3. Sounds like a good start to MDW to me! Still have never been to Ren Faire, and the last time I was at the jigger shop I think Steve and I were dating! But now that Boehringers is out of commission...hmm.

  4. I feel that way when we go to Disney. I love this place. I hate all these people! Now I want ice cream.

  5. It looks like fun! Lettys little pig tails are adorbs!

  6. Flavor fest???? Sign me up! I am loving all of this.

  7. That Jigger Shop looks like my kind of place. Clearly, I am also up for any kind of tasting. What an amazing weekend this was!


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