why I love my minivan (and why non-moms should too)

We are the new owners of a minivan! Yes yes we are very excited.

The day Matt brought home our new minivan I was afternooning with a friend from high school and her new(ish) baby. When I told her of our recent acquisition she laughed and said "weren't you always the one saying you would NEVER own a minivan?" Well my dear red-headed friend I suppose I am eating my teenager words aren't I? Also: never say never. 

Here's the thing. I love my minivan. And not a single reason pertains to my children. I shall elaborate. 

1: Doors that open and shut with the push of a button. How inconvenient a door handle is amiright? Simply push a button on my key fob and open sesame. Even the trunk. Hands free living at it's finest. Or laziness. Take your pick. 

2. Cup holders beyond cup holders. I could have no less than SIX fountain sodas at my disposal! Six! Right by my driver's seat. Think of all the wonders I could hold up there to quench various thirsts. 

3. Space! Storage! There is storage IN THE FLOOR! My mind reels with all the things I could put in there. CDs. A kite. Dead bodies. Hell even one of these because let's face it I'll need it after all those aforementioned beverages. 

4. At night it becomes a space ship. I'm talking an awesome shade of aqua fiber optic lighting down the center ceiling panel. Star commander. Permission to come aboard. 

5. I can fit six of my favorite people in the vehicle besides myself. Imagine the possibilities for those fun road trips. 

6. Enormous windows. I can see all. I have zero blind spots. And. They. Roll. Down. 

7. Air conditioning. This may not seem like a reason to purchase a minivan but in our case it was a definite deciding factor, as our Jeep was lacking in the climate control department. For four summers. A fifth summer I was going to make it not. 

And there you have it. Why every last one of you should own a minivan. The fact that I have children matters not.