water parks and a bbq

This weekend marked the official opening of Dutch Wonderland's water park. Read: Matt's favorite thing about DW. I know it may seem like madness to attempt such a thing on a holiday weekend when it involves heading directly into the tourist trap that is Route 30. Capital R. But no one ever called us sane. Or smart. We made sure to be there well before opening. We made sure to head straight to Duke's Lagoon. And we enjoyed it mostly to ourselves. The amateurs don't know how to work the system to beat the crowds I'll tell you.

David went on any and every water slide he could handle. Letty went on the one slightly larger water slide but none of the others. And that one water slide she went on countless times. So. It only takes three summers and countless hours of cajoling and you too could have success.

After we hit Duke's Lagoon and quit it we headed on over to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's annual MDW BBQ. Where we ate too much food and I got schooled on the rules of ladder golf. Really. I had no idea. Oh and she has lilacs. Lots of lilacs.