the west palm beach portion

West Palm Beach.... The development where my uncle and aunt have a house had me walking around with my mouth hanging open. The houses were gorgeous and I kept saying wow over and over again. The fountains!!! The houses!! The flowers!!! I officially want to plant those climbing flowering beauties and have them grow around my garage. That will absolutely most definitely work in PA yes?

We arrived in the early afternoon on Good Friday and were treated quite royally. We checked into the Hilton Garden Inn and we swam for a very long time (or so I thought) in my aunt and uncle's pool.  And they fed us. Nothing like Italians and their snacks. My uncle cut down a coconut from a tree in his backyard and my cousin Nina took Letty for a ride in her first golf cart.

We had dinner at "The Club" on-site and Letty even got to paint a frame in the room made just for kids. With just for kid's food and just for kid's movies. It's surreal down there. Obviously. 

This is what happens when you attempt a family picture at the end of the evening. After two days of driving:

Great success correct? Did I mention both kids fell right asleep and did so silently? Again? Who's kids are these!?