the parade and the bbq

Just like last year we took the kids to the Manheim Parade. It may not be much but it's something and the kids really enjoy it. David greatly enjoys yelling  "fruck" at every single passing vehicle. Letty greatly enjoys the candy. And I myself get a little emotional seeing the elderly vets walking down the streets to a bit of applause. I really am sentimental underneath it all.

After the parade we had the traditional BBQ at my parent's house. The pictures are lacking in any area except the one that counts. The food. David developed a bit of a fever on Sunday and so he was sort of prickly and therefore just put a big old damper on any photo taking opportunities.

And so ends another MDW. It's officially summer now. So we best start enjoying it before we are busting out the mums and pumpkins. Time moves all too fast as we all know. Oh and that dessert above there? Beth made it. There is almond extract in the icing. Maybe if enough people demand it I can even get her to guest post on here with that lil gem of a recipe. It's good.



  1. Ah the parade excitement is so cute! I wish we had more parades! Or, parades I ever know about happening. I'm out of the loop that way. That dessert looks delish, I demand!

  2. Lettys french braid looks awesome! Go you! :) And yes that dessert looks so yummy. I don't believe I own any almond extract...I know, I know. Say it aint so!

  3. OK, Letty's dress again, I need the details! And I am pretty sure I let out a very big "awww" when I saw her little french braid. I cannot wait for Avalon to have some hair to play around with :)

  4. i feel like your photos are getting better and better! so cute. that first photo of lil D looking at your dad? priceless!

  5. I love parades. Such a great time. Letty's dress. Yes, just yes. You are so right. We need to enjoy this summer before it is gone. Don't blink. :)


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