the fingered lakes. with a newborn.

Not long before David was born, a Trovato Vacation was booked to the Finger Lakes, New York for the beginning of August. At first Matt and I scoffed at such a vacation so close to a due date... and then when his due date came and his due date went we decided we would opt out and stay at home. 

But then he was born, that little easy-going baby. And we decided that you know what? Two wasn't so bad. We could handle two. So we changed our minds and became a last minute addition to the Trovato Travelers. David was only three weeks old at the time. 

We all stayed at the tip of Seneca Lake at the Ramada in Geneva. All eleven of us. We did a lot of wine tasting while the grandparents watched the kids....and possibly drove us around. We ate hours long dinners in the hotel, which as you can imagine with the toddler were not a favorite of hers. We drove to Niagara Falls and took in those few sites. David wasn't even a month old and he was traveling internationally. Jet setter that one. We went hiking. Lots of hiking with lots of steps and a bjorn and a backpack. Who says children will slow you down? Not us that's who!


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