the easter portion

Easter morning started off with the typical basket action. As like last year he left footprints from the door to the drop off point. I find it cute and the kids have a blast making the footprints disappear. We didn't have any carrots in the hotel room so Letty kindly gave up a pack of fruit snacks for Mister E.B.

These baskets had assorted Frozen goodies for Letty and trains and cars for David. Not really any candy because otherwise that would be all she would have alllll day long. The kids played with their things while I went for a run with my brother-in-law. We ran for a whopping five minutes on the beach before that ended because that's like, really hard. Then we ran up to the pier and back. The water guys... You know it was my color. And I saw dolphins. I know. Right?!

We spent another afternoon soaking in a pool before getting ready for the evening... A dinner for 30-some at Cafe Sapori. What a dinner. Deliciousness. Eveywhere we looked. The wine. The calamari. The pizza. The penne piccanti. The tiramisu.... I'll let the pictures show you but - yum! 

A big giant thank you to my aunt and uncle for organizing this weekend and hosting everything! It was quite wonderful. It was so nice to have almost (side eye: my brothers) everyone together for Easter and to just sit around in the sun and laugh and enjoy each other's company. And thank you to my cousins for playing with my kids. It's like karma. When you were toddlers we watched you. It's sort of your turn. Yes?