the easter eve portion

Morning brought Beth and Colton and breakfast followed immediately  by a magician. A Slyvester Stalone look-a-like and possibly a moonlighting stripper. He did his thing (almost all clothes stayed on I am happy to report) and then there was an egg hunt!!! Letty and David were in the same age group and got quite a share of the booty. I probably should have put her into the three and up category but hey! There is always next year! Right family? Woo hooo?

After the above lunch and a lot of Easter Bunny shenanigans we spent the next three plus hours in the pool. Baking. Turning pruney. The like. Letty became quite obsessed with my cousin Nina, and who can blame her? She is 16 and gorgeous.  I kinda want to be Nina when I grow up. Letty referred to Nina as any one of the following during our visit: my friend, my sister, my sweetheart. Stage five clinger my daughter. Also...we have the first sighting of the Sauder belly.

After we were all a sufficient shade of lobster we headed to City Place for dinner at Il Bellagio. After some phenomenal food we walked down the street to a place called Revolution. All the cool kids played arcade games. And all the young kids threw coins in the fountains and made wishes.

And that is Easter Eve. Or how it's done in my family this particular year.