the disney portion part 4

We left off yesterday with a dip in the pool that also coincided with a visit from my Kerri. With us you can't really even tell that we hadn't seen each other since last August. It always feels like it was just a few days ago. So we picked up right where we left off... with my shy kids and all.

Since she is a lucky little thing and has a Disney season pass I dragged her along with us to the Animal Kingdom....

Attractions/characters we did get to do/see:
Mickey and Minnie
Expedition Everest
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Winnie and Tigger
TriceraTop Spin

It worked out fantastically. There were next to no lines as the park closed at 8. We came. We saw. We conquered. We had margaritas.

And thaaaaaat's when Letty started with her fever. So the night was cut short.... Matt and Kerri were saints and braved the crowds at Downtown Disney to bring me Earl of Sandwich while I got the kids ready for bed. Oh the excitement of a sick child on vacation!

Tomorrow? More Magic Kingdom!

oh and p.s. some of these photos are Kerri's what's hers is mine. etc.