the disney portion part 2

This day was our favorite park, Epcot. The crowds were still pretty bad but at least we made it there right at opening so we got some stuff done without the lines.

Attractions/characters we did get to do/see:
Soarin' (Letty wasn't tall enough by a HAIR so Matt and my parents took the kids on Nemo. I still maintain she is 40 inches exactly.)
Character Spot (Mickey/Goofy/Minnie)
Test Track
Spaceship Earth
Gran Fiesta Tour
The Seas with Nemo & Friends

David meeting Mickey was pretty much the best thing. Once you got over the fact he didn't get waiting in line and he didn't get that he had to leave Mickey for Goofy so the next kid could go. But. Besides that. He was smitten. He kept yelling ma ma (that's David speak for Mickey Mouse) And he high fived him over and over and he loved every second. He even turned around and backed up into them for a photo op. Kid knows his stuff. 

The best thing about Epcot to us is the World Showcase. This visit it was all decked out with Topiaries of all different characters and lots of planters chock full of flowers thanks to the Flower and Garden Festival. We mosied around and had beverages and people watched. Those on the look out for anything Frozen there was a building in the Norway Pavilion that had the inspiration behind Frozen. A few costumes, etc. Letty was actually in to it but that is probably because all Frozen things are normally harder to find than Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 (Lost reference, I'm not being insensitive). 

Our dinner was at La Hacienda. Back in the day (our last visit) we could move reservations the day of. To a different restaurant or a different time. But not so no moh. We were unable to move our reservation to a different restaurant but we could change the time for an earlier one. Because we were all a bit crunchy and some of our group was tired and a pool dip was in order. We got the kids to bed at their actual bed time which to me is a rarity on vacation. Also a rarity? Letty putting HERSELF to bed. We all hit the hay early and that is just alright. And Matt got some kind of crazy berry basil chili sugar margarita thing. I don't know... you'll have to ask him.

Oh! And I feel like everyone needs to know this. Magic Bands? You can make them smaller for kids by punching out the color portion from the gray portion. I mean. Mind blown. Thanks to the kind mother in line behind me at Belle. 

Up tomorrow? Hollywood Studios. 



  1. amazing photos. beautiful family. i could gush on and on but i'll stop now :) yay for epcot!

  2. Great pictures! Feels like I was there...sort of. :)

  3. Love all these pictures girl! I soaked up every single one since Epcot is also my fav park;) Love the pictures of David with Mickey, so adorable. I think it's the sweetest thing when the littles start getting excited about meeting characters! I figured the Norway pavilion would be your best shot at buying Frozen stuff. My MIL is going down in 2 weeks, I'm still trying to convince the hubby we need to go;)

  4. haha, didn't your box come with instructions lady? Magic band instructions? I put mine on the coloured notches and Chris keeps telling me I should just punch off the grey, but I'm stubborn and think it looks ugly that way! Aria's is all just colour though, but she won't keep it on anyway. I did not know though that you can't just have a credit card attached when you aren't staying at a resort, because dammit that was so easy! Hello, Disney, get on it!
    The pic of David and Mickey is the best of the bestest! The one walking up with a huge smile perhaps clapping! So cute.
    Do kids insist on seeing the Frozen princesses? Because the 340 minute wait I saw (at 8am) is just a little too much for me. What kid can wait in a line that long? We passed anything that was more than 10 minutes.

  5. Yes, David and Mickey Mouse = Best Ever. Love the photo of the 4 of you. Amazing photos as always. Oh, and Letty and Belle. Precious. I am so curious about Epcot. I need to get my ass there. Soon.

  6. So fun!!! David and Mickey? Can't handle it, so much cuteness. I am excited to read more about this trip!!


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