the disney portion part 1

We left West Palm Beach at 6:25 or so (on the dot who am I kidding) and drove directly to our resort, Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. A kind cast member delivered balloons to the kids after sharing the bad news that Anna and Elsa were already on a four hour wait and Fastpass+ was not an option. Not until July. An Elsa balloon no less. Shockingly, our room was available (8 hours before check-in time) so we were able to unload the cars and settle a bit. And by settle I mean pee and go to the nearest bus stop. We stayed in a two-bedroom villa and it was deemed good. 

Magic Kingdom was on the agenda and wow - it was crowded. I hate crowds. In fact I've never seen MK so crowded. I was deeply, deeply upset by it. I wish the Fastpasses were how they used to be because only having three in a day was such a shame. Most rides were 35-40 minutes and for the Flying Carpets? So not doing that, sorry L. The good news is that in the future you shall be able to get more than three in a day so... at least there's that.

Attractions/characters we did get to do/see:
Tinkerbell & Rosetta
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Space Mountain
It's a Small World
Pirates of the Caribbean
Carousel of Progress (my dad's favorite so it's always a must see)
Tomorrowland People Mover (first timer and it wasn't half bad! You even got to go inside Space Mountain!)
Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor
Walt Disney World Railroad (also a first timer and David was oh so psyched about it)
Haunted Mansion

First time seeing Disney's "CHUGGA CHUGGA":

All the above followed by dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant which was very tasty and yet I neglected to take photos of the food because I was just that absorbed into getting it into my belly.  Bread dipped in olive oil. Check. Chicken Parm. Check. Tiramisu. Check. 

We left right after dinner because the kids were d-o-n-e with a capital D. To bed. To bed we said. 

Up next? Epcot. 



  1. omg so those pics of your dad and david - obsessed with them! the cutest thing ever

  2. I'm assuming you used your nice camera on the trip? Great pictures! I love love love the pictures of David seeing the train for the first time. So cute!

  3. These are all so cute!! David has the greatest expressions! I can't wait to take my kids to the amazingness that is Disney everything!

  4. I love this. ALL. OF. THIS. So much Disney, so little time. Heartbreaking about Elsa. Is that Rapunzel's tower I see? There isn't one in California. I would love to see that! Among a million other things!

  5. You missed the 4th fp+ option by like a week! We haven't even managed to need it yet this trip though. Oh man Chris just brought me a margarita while Aria takes a room nap, Im already feeling it. Thought you should know. I almost forgot about the train. I cannot believe how little we manage to do in a day. We are back to MK tomorrow and we might finally get all the faves done, that would make it 3 days to do one park. But also hot and people and hot and mygoshpissyneedsanap mcgee. I love Letty's head cock arms together pose =) Kid has the camera ham down pat! How did the do with characters? I haven't taken Aria because...shy, but we see Mickey tomorrow. How was David?


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