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playroom. before and after.


The playroom. Once a room where nothing much happened to a room where all the things happen.



We only painted the one red wall to match the rest of the beige. We hung a light fixture. And we unpacked a crap ton of toys. And then some. I think we need more. More toys all around. My books are back too! This makes me abundantly happy. I like to look at them. Except the ones that I hid behind the couch because those boring reference books are zero fun. Okay and all my Stephen King books but that is just because they are not books for little eyes and so why display them? Their bright colors could be quite alluring.....

For more room tours click HERE.



  1. Holy moly. That room before haha. With the chair. And now an abundance of fun. Can I come play?

  2. Its so awesome you guys have a designated play room now! Yay!

  3. Love love love that you are using a space like that for the kiddos - seriously great that it's near your living areas and you can pop in and check on them as needed.

    I'm loving these before and after pics. like a lot.

  4. Look at all those dress up clothes! I'm on my way...

  5. toy heaven!!! wow! how great to have a kiddie-perfect space like that!!

  6. Playrooms are the BEST! A one stop shop for all toy needs. Except I hate cleaning them, can you say legos?

  7. So much fun! Love it and the books! Oh, soooo many books!

  8. I see something I like! "The Zoo"! I need to make/get one of those for all of my daughter's toys!

  9. ha, that is a difference! I so wish Aria had a toy room. Esp one with doors, close them and it is like the mess doesn't exist!


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