mother's day apron diy

It's another DIY! It's just a bit late the game... But now that Disney is done for the time being I can get back to regularly scheduled programming. Naturally these were made with our neighbors because the thought of tackling a project like this on my lonesome is daunting. Steph found the aprons on the amazon dot com for me and I provided the paint. I decided on puffy paint because I know for a fact that stuff sticks and it should be easier to write with. Yes?

Pretty standard fare here.... we painted the pots ourselves and then used the boy's hands as the stems. The girl's thumbs were the yellow part of the flowers (blah blah blah) and then their index fingers made up the petals. The rest of the writing was just done by the adults. There are step-by-step pictures below for you visual learners. And some pictures of David because he is just too cute.

Now my mother...she should use this. Spills happen. As far as I can tell to date she is at least wearing it in the kitchen when I'm around.... So....