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kitchen. before and after.


The kitchen. The heart of the home. Etc. Etc. 



That final picture was a last minute iphone addition when I realized I hadn't shown the chalkboard wall. It's a rainy rainy day here. Gloom and goldfish crackers that's our motto. 

The biggest change here is obviously the paint. And the light fixture. Amazing what a little paint can do. 

Still to be done? A butcher block countertop installed on the island with the addition of at least two stools. Then it's done. For now. 

For more room tours click HERE.



  1. As someone who has seen the whole house before in person.. all of the changes look great! still the same core, but awesome touches that fit you!... btw, is your fridge always free of clutter and pictures etc? I would kill for a magnetic fridge lol.. I cant hang things on mine which is like, my fav thing ever.

    1. Why thank you Ang!! Sometimes it's like it's a totally different house! Yes it is that way most of the time. Occasionally some artwork of Letty's goes up there but mostly I like it decluttered.

    2. Love the chalkboard wall! I didn't even think of the fact that there would be dust lol.. that's a good point... so hm... back to the drawing board for where to put mine lol.

  2. Little upset you took the bikini model off the fridge ;)

    I spy that chalkboard wall! And a butcher block island? SHOOT ME DEAD, I LOVE IT.

  3. Love the upgrades and you choose an awesome color!! I was so in love with the butcher block islands, but hubby insisted on granite because we got a deal. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

  4. Love the after....the fridge in the before made me laugh out load for reals! haha! The paint and everything loos so good. Another great room!

  5. I love the kitchen in this house. And of course you have it looking lovely!

  6. I love it! Can't wait to be eating Matt's food from that kitchen!!

  7. Another round of applause for you and Handy Matty! Love it!

  8. I love chalkboard walls! so fun! I'm surprised you didn't want to keep the bikini lady magnet up....


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