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guess who came back?


Dee Dub. Or DW. Or Dutch Wonderland. We go there a lot. Because we have season passes. And a few weekends ago it was opening weekend and so we had to go to there. With our neighbors of course. And yes they shall be called our neighbors until the end of days.

Throughout the day I kept thinking to myself, self, remember where you and these two humans were last year? And my self said no Laur I do not remember and that is what this blog is here for. So I read this post and I'm including it for you in case you want to have a moment like that as well. Quick review? Liam still doesn't like rides for now. Letty still is crazy for her Avery... although she is branching out with Liam and those two I fear will give us a run for our money in many many ways. And we still love those stinkin' homemade pretzels. I kinda want one now.


First of many. Or maybe this is the second of many if you pay very close attention.



  1. love those photos! those kiddos make me smile.

  2. The first photo and the last photo are my favs. So cute!

  3. My girlfriend was there Sunday! I've never been! I'm dying to go..just worried there won't be anything there for my oldest to do:(

  4. Oh my goodness, how fun!!! Can I get some neighbors like yours? They seems pretty fantastic! Ha!!

  5. So cute, all of them! I totally have to go here one day too. Shocking, I know!

  6. oh soo cute!! do you have like, so much energy? how do you do it?! i would be all theme parked out!! i am a weenie!

  7. My husband has mentioned this place, but I always thought the name was so very odd...

    are those those wiggly cars? you just kind of move the handle and it goes?

  8. What is this Dutch wonderland place you speak of? AND why do you and your adventure park travels make me insanely jealous? Cruz is living a sheltered life I think.


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