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ghosts at gettysburg


We go here often. We just like it. When I was a kid I was dragged here rather unwillingly by my parent's and a very enthusiastic older brother with a penchant for Civil War history. Now we just go and drive around through the battlefields and take it all in. We are only an hour or so away from it, so, why not?

This day I'll only focus on a trip Matt and I took before we were even engaged, for his birthday (2005). We made a bear in Boyd's Bears. We took a Ghost Tour. We drove around the park for about 0.2 miles at night before I got scared and reversed out of there. And it was fun. Ghost hunting in October in Gettysburg. No. We didn't see any.


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  1. GAH you're so pretty. matt's ok too haha. and most importantly? THE JETTA. memories.....

  2. So sad that I've never been to Gettysburg..well the outlets maybe, but that's besides the point. I swore up and down that this summer we would take a trip! Anything fun in particular to do with kids?

  3. YOU LOOK LIKE BABIES! Good ol Gettysburg :)

  4. Seriously though....can you guys get any cuter in these pictures????

  5. Lies, I see a ghost in that last picture. You guys are so fresh faced and fancy free! Ahh the kid-less days.

  6. Oh my gosh, so cool! I'd love to go someday. Eric would be in heavennnnnn!

  7. I live in Pennsylvania but I haven't been to Gettysburg in about ten years! I definitely need to go back!

  8. I think this would be such a great place to visit. I have always wanted to go there. I may have been spooked by some ghosts after dark too. lol

  9. I love the fall leaves - and you too - hotties!

    1. Sweet spelling fail. Shame. I meant you two. Gah.


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