family room. before and after.



We had a ton of fun painting in there. It made such a difference with the tile I think. Our big grown up furniture that took up all of our space in our old house fits so perfectly here. And I finally was able to hang that mirror above my mantle like I intended when I purchased it five or six years ago. The gallery wall is a constant work in progress. I had no plan and didn't even lay it out (sorry I probably should have but the thought scared me a bit). I just started and worked my way out and it looks like that is just what I did. But I like it. Also missing from these pictures are the four framed Italian prints I got from a calendar I purchased in Rome. They are hung above the TV. See what happens when I plan ahead? Things get missed. Tisk tisk.

For more room tours click HERE.



  1. The gallery wall is my favorite part. I think I want to do something like that going up the steps... looks pretty!

  2. Love the picture of the mirror reflecting your collage wall. Impressive photography skills! :)

  3. That gallery wall! LOVE IT!!! Lookin good lady :)

  4. Gorgeous! Again, I say come and do mine. The gallery wall looks amazing. :)

  5. I looove the gallery wall. One of my favourite things ever!

  6. Let me repeat all of these - I LOVE THE GALLERY WALL!!
    Also, Can;t wait to be making myself comfy on those sofas in a few weeks!


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