can i get a happy day for all the mamas?

The sun has set in this part of the world on yet another Mother's Day....the two who made me a mom are freshly bathed, with all the dirt of the past two days (I'm lazy sometimes, what can I say) washed away, tucked into their prospective beds and (hopefully) nodding off. It was a good day, today. 

I wrote all about how much I loved my mama and how great she is last year... And absolutely none of that has changed. I've still got an amazing mother and I know it. She's pretty much the best grandma I could dream up for my kids too... And she has her work cut out for her in the future with all the new additions coming her way. A happy day to those mamas who are incubating too. Because that counts in my opinion. Beth, Holly and Ashley, I'm looking at you three, enjoy your very first official Mother's Day. 

Now. Our day!

I got a present! When we finally found out we were pregnant with Letty, Matt bought me a thin diamond band to wear on my wedding finger to represent our change from a two to a three. I never got one for David's addition and so today was the day that travesty was fixed! Now my finger is even more blinged out and shiny. Jussst how I like it. And the kids made me a card. And Matt did everything. More than usual, I know.

As most mothers out there know, on mother's day you want to be with your kids. Doing things that are fun for all. So we took the kids to DW with our neighbor loves. The kids got to run around and go on rides and Letty even participated in Simon Says with Princess Brooke (something her mother had no success teaching but Nonna Extraordinaire taught in a single babysitting session) all while us big kids got to watch and hang out with our friends. I believe that is what one calls winner winner. Maybe with a chicken dinner.

After leaving DW we got stuck in Make-a-Wish Convoy traffic, which is an okay thing to be stuck in traffic for if you ask me, and then we headed over to my parent's. Where everyone was waiting for us. With my Grammy as she celebrates her 66th (!) Mother's Day. Nonna really enjoyed her apron made by her grandchildren and her new weeding tool that requires no bending. It's the little things really. Letty drove her car and there was lots of running around and getting good and tired and dirty. And all the mamas of past, present and future took pictures. We love our pictures. Not to mention my mother cooked. For everyone.

Like I said. It was a good day.

And for historical purposes you can read all about last year's Mother's Day weekend here