and the clown car heads to...

A Sweet Sixteen Party. My cousin's to be exact. Nine adults...some of which are pregnant.... Two toddlers and their corresponding car seats. And a twelve passenger van. Off we went. To the exotic locale of Long Island, New York. Or as Letty refers to it, New Work. To see the proof of that venture click here.

Now isn't that just gorgeous? The venue was the Harbor Club, and even though I had been there before many years ago I just quite frankly remember none of it (surprise surprise). We took photos. Also a giant shock.

We chose to not spend the entire evening in the parking lot and entered the party.... This is where I say... what a party. This party puts most every single wedding reception I have attended heretofore to shame, my own included. I did kind of feel like I had entered My Super Sweet Sixteen and I would see MTV crews filming. They just don't have these parties by us, but in New York? New York they have parties like this. The food, the drinks, the music, the venue, the photographer, it was all perfect and in total sync with my aunt and her taste and I believe, the birthday girl as well.

These photos are from the deck overlooking the harbor during the cocktail hour. David made friendly with the beautiful DJ and Letty enjoyed a virgin cocktail all her own...Whilst the adults imbibed in some alcohol and delicious treats. Also? Isn't my cousin quite beautiful? Yup. She's sixteen.

As the sun set the party moved inside and downstairs. The teenagers had the half of the room with all the white furniture (eeek gads!) and the adults and their various toddlers (only mine) sat at those lovely decorated tables. The teens had a buffet and we were served our meal. It was all run as I believe they say in this biz 'flawlessly'. There was lots of dancing and loud music and food and then singing and cake. Oh and I took home little silver ballet flats that were handed out for dancing. Genius! The monogram everywhere was a also a very nice touch.

We mixed it up a bit and stayed in a nearby hotel instead of making the drive home to PA that night and that was definitely the appropriate decision. How nice it was to be in a bed within 20 minutes instead of four hours and 20 minutes.

Thanks to my aunt and uncle and cousin for letting Matt and I bring our children... I know it wasn't an event for little kids but it was so nice to not have to find a sitter. And Happy Birthday Nina! And to your twin who not so surprisingly made it into zero photos from the evening? Hmm...

Also! Of utmost importance? Today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday mom!!