the savannah portion

After checking in and setting up shop putting up the pack n' play Matt called a local shop to have the tire pressure issue resolved before tomorrow's journey. I stupidly took the kids to the pool. It was only 70 degrees but the water felt good once you were used to it... My mom supervised from the safety of the shade while they tentatively tested the waters. I was hoping for two kids who were content on the stairs. What I got was two kids who wanted to swim but did not want to wear the appropriate safety attire. And I was by my lonesome. 

After pool time we debated driving into the wonderful town of Savannah. And I probably would have had the kids been as golden as they were in the earlier part of the day (because hashtag yolo). But sadly, no, we missed that boat. And instead got take out and attempted to wear out the kids. 

After a few parking lot laps and a lot of plane watching we hit the hay. And those kids. Whoever took them over I just want to hug you. Because they went right to bed with no complaints at 9:30. We were in awe. 

The next morning we had a quick bite and hit the road once more for the final leg of our journey. Six more hours to West Palm Beach. Fantastico!