the road trip portion

And we are officially back. Well technically we were back on Saturday morning at like 1 am if you want to be specific. We left earlier than scheduled due to a little girl with a not so little fever (turns out it 'twas an ear infection) and a family of tired peoples. I may or may not have shed a tear about it. Only Matt will know.  If you hate the obligatory vacation "recap" posts then I apologize in advance for the next week or possibly two.... 

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen some of these photos from our epic road trip down to Florida. If not than prepare to feast your eyes.

Like I mentioned before we enjoy night driving for many reasons. This year however we decided to attempt day driving and splitting it into two parts (11 hours and 6 hours, respectively). My father's truck was laden down with the Keurig and assorted snacks and the car was all packed before bedtime. At 2:45 (am) Matt and I attempted a bed-to-car transfer of the kids. While this transfer did waken them it did not upset them. They were angels. No, I did not stutter. I am normally one to be very negative about my children's less than stellar behavior but this day? This day I can applaud them. 

Minus a little scene in Crackerbarrel regarding an automatic toilet. 

See? Had to find the negative. 

I have no idea why they were so well behaved. Matt and I promised ourselves that we were going to be calm. We were going to be cool. We were going to be composed. Maybe the kids sensed that? We prepared them by explaining what was going to happen that morning. We had two fully charged iPads. We had a laptop chock full of movies. We had a bag of goodies I stocked with various One Spot items and princess figurines and trains and trucks. And snacks. Oh the amount of snacks. 

I love driving. I can't sleep when Matt's behind the wheel. Every jerk of the car and my heart skips. So I drove the majority of the way and he had kid duty which as it turned out, wasn't so bad. 

When we left PA it was in the 20's and brown brown brown. Once into the Carolina's the world started to change into a green wonderland. Oh how my eyes loved it. Every tree had it's leaves and every blade of grass was green. There is something to be said for the first sight of Spring and it being good for your soul. That. And peaceful sleeping babies. 

As we neared the end of our journey we noticed a certain tire pressure warning arise on the dash... A warning not relieved by more air in said tires... To be continued. 

(dun dun dun!)