the day we said I do

You've heard the story of how the two of us became a we but I definitely most certainly included zero wedding details. So this post? It shall be a wedding post. And who doesn't love weddings? 

Me. I don't really like weddings. I cut a lot of the traditional things out and left some others in because let's be honest I am all over the place. I like to be formal. But I'm here to party.

This particular wedding happened on October 28, 2006, well before the time of Pinterest and photo booths.

Our photographer was Whitcomb Photography and he really stepped up and rescued us. Our original photographer bailed two weeks prior and Chris made it work for us even though it was a drill weekend. So, thanks Chris! The bridal party had our hair done at New Image Salon and Spa. Mine in particular by a stylist who had known me since middle school. We got dressed at my parent's house and then took a limo on down to the site.  All of our dresses were from David's Bridal and the tuxes were from Men's Warehouse. Our flowers were from Neffsville Flower Shoppe. Boring paragraph with basic details over and out.

We got married at Mulberry Art Studios. There was old wooden floors and whitewashed brick walls and lovely tulle hanging from the ceiling mixed with twinkle lights. It was a one stop shop, in that everything was here. All of it. Zero driving required by our guests, which if you are me at a wedding, is such a nice feature.

The ceremony was officiated by a pastor my parents knew of and he did all of our premarital counseling as well. It was in the main gallery under an arbor of fall leaves well, because it was fall. We went with a bit of a strange seating arrangement in that there was no bride side or groom side. There was family on three sides (picture a 'U') and all mixed in. I kinda liked it. 

After the (short) ceremony everyone stepped out of the room to the lobby and East Gallery for a cocktail hour. The wine flowed as well as all the Italian music from a cd made by yours truly. In an effort to save money I made a cd of music for the ceremony and cocktail hour, asking a friend to just hit play for me. During the cocktail hour the bridal party took exactly three photos and I sent them on their merry way. Because they deserve to enjoy the food and drinks, yes? Matt and I headed to Steinman Park for a few shots and then returned ASAP so we too could imbibe. 

After the hour ended the doors were reopened into the Main Gallery where it had been transformed. Tables were in and ready to go. Burgundy mums were everywhere and candles were everywhere and I pronounced it good. The mums doubled as the favors too. Saving my coins and taking names. 

Our DJ we have since used again for my sister's wedding and I would still recommend them. I gave a very specific "do not" and "do" play list. Music was very important to me. I wanted only Rat Pack music playing during the dinner and I got just that. Our first dance was to All For Love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting because the year was 1993. Actually Matt picked it and I approved because Three Musketeers. I had the bridal party join in after a minute or so because I don't like people watching for that long. It's awkward. And I sang the whole thing to Matt. 

My dad and I danced to Rod Stewart's Have I Told You Lately That I Love You and I sobbed like a baby. We had a tumultuous few months leading up to our wedding, culminating in the passing of Matt's father very unexpectedly only eight days before The Big Day. I held my dad real tight and stuff seeped out of my eyeballs. I made a spectacle of myself but I have no shame.

Toasts. Food. The entree was filet mignon and garlic mashed potatoes and can you believe no photos of it? It was catered by Carr's Restaurant. This was an area we spared no expense. The food was phenomenal and pleased even the pickiest of New Yorkers. 

The photographer set up an area back out in the east gallery for family photos during the reception. I didn't want to go too crazy so I just got the very important ones only. 

The cake came from Rebecca's Heavenly Goodies (which has apparently changed names?). It was a spice cake with a caramel apple filling. It was the best cake we had ever tasted. My father had a layer of chocolate added because he insists on chocolate. Rebecca knew Matt's father and added some roses in there for us in his honor, as well as provided a white rose to be placed on his chair for the ceremony. We still order that cake from time to time, usually for a special occasion. We just love it so.

Then there was dancing and some of the groomsmen's shirts were removed. And that was that. Just like every other bride in the history of brides I couldn't believe it was over so quickly. I put a lot of work into it and poof! Done. 

Then we drove to the airport and headed on this trip