so long disney days

Well that just flew by (did it?). Over twelve weeks of Disney Days and here we are. On the eve of our adventure. In just a few short hours the car will be packed to the gills. The gas tank will be filled. And we will be on our way south. Not just for Disney, no. But even more important than that (yes I have my priorities straight) we will be spending a nice long Easter weekend with my entire family in West Palm Beach. We haven't all been together for a happy event in quite some time. And we could all use a little company. A lot of laughter and noise and even more delicious food is all on the agenda. Whilst I'm gone I have some lovely ladies popping by to say hello and a few things scheduled in between. 


Thank you Laurie from Disney 'n Diapers for joining in on Disney Days! I'll leave you all with an inordinate amount of photos from the last two trips (only!) that didn't otherwise make it into the other posts. 

So long, farewell, Disney Days!



  1. Ha love all of these. PS who is the official list of who is coming. details please. SEE YOU SOON!!!!

  2. hey hey! we are heading to fl tomorrow too! we are all ready for the tropics, huh! ;)

  3. Aww David looks like such a little peanut! Great pictures! I am so excited for you! One more day!!

  4. I'm on the way! Stop and pick me up, please?! Hating hard on you right now. Not just because your going to Disney but because you are going to WARMTH. I'm so tempted to pack up the car and just head south. BOO cold weather. Love all the pictures and I officially thing Hollywood Studios is my favorite place to take park pictures, I love the 40's theme! We'll have to do another round a couple weeks out from my next trip. We could also do an Ocean City series, but most of those pictures would just be of me, drinking at some random bar. :)

  5. Aww, so awesome! I hope you guys have the best time!! I expect some over-graming from you. And I can't wait to read all about this! Have fun!!


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