princesses and heroes

Over the weekend we got to head up to Hershey and see the Disney on Ice show, Princesses and Heroes. We loaded up our princess and our hero and we braved the crowds and threat of toddler tantrums. Which if you fear the toddler tantrums as much as we do it helps to have club seats. Meaning there is a whole wide open space where he can wander should he decide to lose interest. Also. Club section only bathrooms and bar - huge perk.

We gave ourselves over an hour to get there and thank Disney we did. Because. Traffic. The lines to even pay to park were unlike anything we were used to. After responding to 746 renditions of "what is taking so long!?" from a curly haired girl we were finally in our seats. David was unsure at first... the people and the noise and his too-short car nap were not boding well. 

Matt utilized the club only bar and paid only eight bucks for this bad boy. I say it was a steal. He says highway robbery. But you can't put a price on that. Can you? It's so cute. Like a little baby unicorn.

David's highlights were definitely Mickey Mouse, the bubbles, and the dragon with all the fire. He was "roaring" the entire car ride home. Letty of course loved her Belle but was quite disappointed in Beast's general lack of attendance. But to be honest here, is he a hero? I vote no. Tinkerbell was an unexpected surprise and as we love Tink so that made us quite happy. We left before the final two princesses because we really really hate traffic and all the congestion.

I got zero good shots of Ariel because she was glowing with her fair skin and was just a blur. Her section was definitely the longest and so it makes me wonder... Disney does all things with a reason. Hmm...

And on that firey note we headed out and ate our hearts out at Panera Bread. Quite the family date day.