mister eb and some chocolate.

If you sit and think about it we live in a pretty cool area. We are close to several major cities (Philadelphia, Baltimore and NYC). We are just a three hour drive from the beach. And we also live in Hershey's backyard. A town where you can smell the chocolate in the air. We want our children to experience life as much as we can and to do it all (within reason, no sky diving allowed). For example, partaking in a little of Springtime in Hershey. Case in point, last year: 

Saturday was a day the husbands were occupied and so stupidly (stay with me) we decided to do all of the following: Watch Avery's soccer game. McDonald's. Easter Bunny up at Chocolate World. Then the accompanying ride about how one makes choclate all with singing cows and free chocolate. All this culminating in a run to the Disney outlet followed by the Fitz bounce house. It was meant to be a day of days. 

As I am sure you can imagine, this day went exactly according to plan. 

The only child to sit with Mister Bunny was Avery and her baby sister (baby doll) named Julia. Liam couldn't bear the sight of the bunny and maintained some serious distance. Letty and David only wanted to hand him fake Jelly bean eggs. Alright fine. 

...Until it was time to leave so the next child in line could similarly make such fond memories.  Enter tantrum. There was screaming. There was tears (guess which child). I was called a bad mommy as well as informed I was no longer liked. All because she thought this meant no chocolate ride. Toddlers. Illogical creatures. But. The under construction ride and generally disagreeable breed (mine) swayed us not. Off we went. Even though perhaps I should have taken her to the car to tantrum in solitude. Julia really behaved rather nicely though. Also: teething boys. 

I think this ride is the only perk of the day, other than spending the whole day with our neighbor loves. The kids enjoyed. They sang. The boys pointed to the candy box conveyor belt and deemed it a choo choo. And most of all they were contained. 

Then there was the cherry on top of my frosting. How difficult can it be to sit still and smile? Apparently... this hard:

This is when one should cut and run. 

Don't even get me started on her hair. 

The Disney store had none of the Frozen or Pirate Fairy merchandise we wanted (shocker) so that was a quick stop that only included two minor meltdowns from David.  That man was born to be free and to roam. 

By the time the husbands were done working on their project Steph and I had deemed the day shot. And we washed our hands of this weirdness. Which means we did nothing differently because a mom's job never stops. 

So that was Saturday.