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I decided since I am normally a bit of a Negative Nancy and Debbie the Downer that I should join in with this "happy" link-up. Because, for me at least, it's easier to focus on the negative and to dwell on that but it's not the wisest of choices. The idea is that this list will make me feel all kinds of grateful thoughts and push Nancy and Debbie far, far away. It was actually pretty hard for me. I had to keep asking, Laur what makes you happy? over and over again. I'm seeing a Buddhist about it. 

But once I got going I realized there's a whole plethora of things that make me happy. A cornucopia if you will. So here we go. Just 32 things that make yours truly happy.

Venus Trapped in Mars

1. The way Letty's face lights up when she hears this song. Which has clearly been on repeat while I write this. It's quite catchy.

2. Dark nail polish and no chips. It only lasts a day after I first paint them. But that one day is sure a good one. And coffee... okay and leggings.... Fine this entire picture. The picture is a happy place.
3. New bed night! There is nothing "new" about our bed but once a week the sheets are fresh and so clean, clean and it's just awesome.

4. The face David makes when he sees a plane. I've never seen a mouth get so wide (that's what she said).

5. The first time I get to roll the windows down in the car each Spring.

6. The smell of freshly mowed grass.
7. Disney. I mean. It's just so magical and I'm immediately a kid again. Plus I kinda sorta want to be a princess.

8. Freshly done chalkboard wall. Especially if I like the way my handwriting turned out.

9. Christmas. The music. The twinkle lights. The movies. The candles. The gifts. The decorations. The traditions.

10. The color of the water in the Caribbean. I want to bottle it up and take it home with me.
11. Margaritas on the deck in the sun. Or beeritas in the grass in the sun.
12. Under the Tuscan Sun. The book and the movie.

13. Sleeping in to 7:30 a.m. Because it's a rarity.

14. Vacuum lines in the carpet. I don't even like to walk on a freshly vacuumed carpet. Footprints do not belong there.

15. Organization. In any form. Things being in order and their proper place is pretty much where it's at.

15. FOUNTAIN SODAS. The bigger the better. Diet Pepsi. Clearly. On a shameful side note we have been having far too much take out and fast food in this house. Must... stop... the... madness...

16. Loud sing-a-long's in the car. Bonus points when Letty joins in.

17. Loose soft t-shirts. I wish all my clothing felt that good.

18. Seeing my parents (and Grammy) interact with my kids. We are so lucky to have them. Every single day lucky.

19. When Matt folds laundry. That's love and happiness right there.

20. The eve before a vacation. The anticipation is at it's highest and there is nothing in front of you but vacation and bonding. Makes me just want to run around in circles.

21. Italian things. All the things. I especially like it when someone recognizes my heritage just by looking at me. 

22. This blog. Yup. It's true.

23. Becoming an aunt times three. Which I'm actually happy/nervous about because I want to be a good aunt. And three at once.... gulp. How does one be a good aunt?

24. Long long hair. On my head. 

25. Funny labeled wine. See also: all wine

26. Running. Especially a good run. And races. Because they are exciting and give one such a sense of accomplishment.

27. My Hunters. Nuff said.

28. Gifs. Particularly this one:

29. A long hot shower with great water pressure. 

30. Not having to unpack or repack another box for a very very very very very very very long time. 

31. Having legitimate conversations with Letty. She listens and responds back like an actual human.

32. Almost every single thing that Chef Matteo has ever cooked.

And.... that's all she wrote folks. 32 happy things. Just like that. 



  1. But not just any Buddhist. His Holiness.

    I don't know if I could come up with 32 things. But these sure are the dog's tuxedo!

  2. these are so good! and you don't seem as nancy as you might be feeling! i don't think you're nancy at all! i have a nancy too tho and she's a real b. anyway anyway!! coffee leggings chipLESS nails, oh glory! loose tees and clean sheets and my parents and duh wine. i have had plunger head! haha. also approving of your that's what she said. and oh, hello, italianness, what's not to love about that!

  3. Man 25 and 27 just spoke to my soul! HAHAHA. But I really did enjoy so much of this, just so damn happy :) :)

  4. I laughed out loud when I read the title. Clever, you are.

    Love this! Not chipped nail polish, feels so good. Wish it lasted longer.
    Yes to a clean bed. Feels so nice crawling into that freshness. I washed mine this week because it was wash day..a couple days later Aria threw up on them (and me and her, lovely) so washed em again...the next day the cat slept in my bed (he is NOT allowed) and they got washed again. So it was nice to have that freshness three nights this week, but come on...enough is enough!

  5. Ok so I'm trying to recap all of the things I love about your fave things. 1) i'm staring at that gorgeous water right now in the bahamas. ahhhh. 2) Hunter boots - they look amazing but I'm still rocking my Sam Edelman TJ Maxx ones. 3) Boys doing laundry? Swoon. 4) your husband's cooking? when will he be over to my place to whip up a few of those goodies? 5) wine with fun labels? Love. 6) Beeritas. Would you believe it if I said I've never had one? 7) Your kiddos eyelashes? Love. Oh wait, that wasn't one? Well its one of mine. =) and lastly 8) I'm still trying to figure out why that kid is humping the stuffed animal....

  6. Great list! If you treat your nieces/nephews anything like you treat your own kids, you will be one heck of an aunt :)

  7. This list made me so happy - so blessed you are. Hmmm, yoda voice was needed for that one.


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