kid's bath. the after.

There is no before for this one because Matt thought it was the linen closet when he went and got the rest of my before pictures. Then when we were in there the focus was on decontaminating the "man only" bath for however many years and getting it into tip top shape for tiny hands and tiny hineys. We got a new light fixture, we painted, put up the cabinet over the toilet and that's all she wrote. The neon kid's bath:

All the tropical decor was in their old bathroom and from a local decor warehouse. Aren't the towels the best thing? Target for the win.

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  1. Oh my goodness Loz its adorable! I love the colors. And lol Matt is such a man.

  2. So fun! And I still don't know which doors open to closets or bathrooms lol.

  3. Loving the orange!! So bright and are owning this house makeover!


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