happy first birthday andiamo!

It's been a whole year! Well, almost. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll love ya.... okay I'll stop. I decided to start blogging the day after April Fool's simply because this wasn't a joke. This little space has become such an enjoyable hobby of mine. I think what I appreciate most about it is the historical aspect of it. What was I doing on a certain date. Or more importantly, what were my children doing. Maybe some day they will read this and maybe they will turn a light shade of red at the things I shared, but at least it's there. A memory. It happened because one day I wrote it down here. And it helps the ol' failing memory a wee bit.

During the past year I've redesigned my site. A few times. I have spent more time looking up css and html than I did when I was in college taking classes on those very subjects. I got a real life camera (woohoo! thanks family! and friends!). I've made some great "virtual" friends (looking at you Sarah, Tabitha, Kelsey, Laurie and Katie just to name a few) that I "talk" to practically daily in some form or another. I've learned from Brittany that Outlander just must be next up on my reading list (and it is, I can't wait). And I made Kerri do it too. I've had a hell of a lot of fun. Happy birthday to you andiamo. You little saucy minx.

So. Thanks for reading. Thanks for not voting me off the island. And I apologize for any and all posts from April 2 - August 3 when I only used iPhone photos.