dye those eggs. dye them good.

That sounds quite dirty doesn't it? However by "blow" I simply mean emptying the contents of a raw egg without breaking said egg. My mother has done this every Easter my entire live long life so that we can save our egg dyeing creations year after year. No hard boiled eggs for us! She normally does this by poking a hole in each end of the egg and you guessed it, blows really hard until the egg becomes empty. It's too much work really. So this year I took to Pinterest and yes! Idea!

You just need the smallest drill bit your husband has and an unused bulb syringe. Or you can use the medicine needle things too if you'd like. I preferred the bulb. You know, the things you have twenty of lying around if you have an infant. Just.. unused.. because. Gags. If you want to save the innards for scrambled eggs later make sure to have a tupperware handy. See also clean all the aforementioned items.

I found that holding the egg under hot water for a few minutes helped with the yolk removal process. Just not too long or else the shell becomes soft and explosions everywhere. Gently turn the drill bit until you break a hole in the end of the egg. Then swirl it around to sort of loosen up everything in there. Repeat with the other end. Also have your three year old take your photos. She's a natural I'll tell you.

Then oh so gently put the bulb syringe over the hole and squeeze. If you squeeze too hard it'll explode all over you (that's what she said). Squeeze away until the egg is empty and then maybe shoot some water in there just to wash it all out good. From start to finish this took me about two minutes. I let mine dry over night before dyeing day.

Now. Dyeing Day! Throughout the years we really have tried many many things. Some were an epic fail and others not so much. Here are just some of the beauties we have made. The three in the center being the ones from 2014.
We were joined by my sister and her very pregnant belly for this occasion. Because she enjoys traditions as well. And funny faces.

Matt went and bought the biggest box of dye I have ever seen. Nine colors in total and only four of which I think were actually used. La vie.

Dyeing eggs with a toddler is quite the ordeal isn't it? She was so excited to dye all day long and then come the time she dipped her two eggs very briefly into the color and then moved on to go watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Sigh. But her faces are entertaining.

Speaking of previously mentioned color selection some colors were hard to differentiate. Hence the dipped paper towel trick. Creativity at it's finest.

Letty takes the best photos methinks.

This year I attempted something different with the inclusion of painter's tape. It was sort of a win but not completely as the color bled through the tape. But it still looked kind of fun.

We attempted to use nail polish on some of our eggs. You chose your polish. You get a cup of room temperature water. You pour in color liberally and then swirl with a toothpick.... and then you dip. Only problem is that the egg looked awesome. Just only on one side. I suppose I could have redone it for the back of the egg but I happen to like my nail polish best right where I can see it,on my finger nails.

The next egg of choice involved my children's silhouettes. Which is not as difficult as it may seem. I used this tutorial for how to make the image into a silhouette. I then glued a piece of tissue paper meant for wrapping gifts to a regular 8.5 x 11 printer paper. Just glued the top and bottom. I used Word to upload the images which I then resized to about 1.5 inches tall. Print and cut out and wala! I just used watered down Tacky Glue but Mod Podge was what I think I should have used. A layer on the egg and then a layer over the tissue. Add the date with a Sharpie if you please.

Yes David was present. No he didn't do any eggs. Because. Breakable.

After tubby her eggs were dry enough to add stickers and add she did. She deemed it good.

And herein ends the longest post in the history of Easter egg posts. And. We missed you mom!