disney resorts we have frequented.

As always, I'm joining Laurie over at Disney 'n Diapers for all things Disney these Wednesdays. Head on over and check out her blog! A few weeks back she did a great post about her experience at one particular Disney resort. She focuses on one. I, on a few....

As I'm sure you are aware Disney has a crazy number of resorts. They are separated into value, moderate, deluxe categories, etc, etc. I wish I could have the opportunity to stay in all of them because each one has something different to offer. For example, the one with the Pirate themed rooms. Or what kind of girl would I be if I didn't want to spend a night in Cinderella's castle? I digress.

Here are some of the recent resorts we've stayed in and my very random thoughts on the subject. I will say every resort I've stayed at has been clean. Safe. Friendly staff and simple transportation. You can't go wrong in my humble opinion. All the below have all the above.


Port Orleans - French Quarter. Matt and I stayed here on our first and only solo visit. I took no photos of the resort which is strange for me but this was 2008. I've stayed here when I was in high school as well. I like that you can hop on a boat and come in to Downtown Disney from a different vantage point. It has a pretty cool pool for the kids, not that I've used it because I'm a park only kind of gal. 

Coronado Springs. This resort has a decent running trail for all those crazies who run on vacation, as I do. It's clearly marked but it's not very long. We stayed here when I was training for the half-marathon so I had to run it several (understatement) times to get my mileage up. We had adjoining rooms with my parents and that was nice. We could put Letty to bed and pop next door for a drink. The food court here was probably just as good as at every other resort. I enjoyed the Mayan Temple by the pool (Letty was involved so a pool day was necessary).

Old Key West. We have stayed here a few times and I think it's really the way to go for large families. Each time we have gone we had a two bedroom villa or apartment, what have you. It had a balcony that allowed fireworks viewing and late night wine sipping. It had a full kitchen which was perfect for the kids and their breakfasts. It had the largest tub Letteria and David had ever seen up to that point in their lives. The running trail here was sort of disjointed and hard to follow. At 6 in the morning I need clear cut directions. They had an outdoor movie night I noticed one night on the way to the gym which was standard hotel gym fare. I told you my thoughts would be random.

This Spring we are staying at a new resort to us, Saratoga Springs. Now technically we've stayed here before in the Treehouse Villas but that was in the 90's and my brothers had bowl cuts so I'm not sure it counts. Speaking of the Treehouse Villas it was "totally wicked!" to be staying in one of those as a child. I had all kinds of visions of Swiss Family Robinson-like adventures. There was even a peacock on our deck.

This year we are doing the two-bedroom villa thing again which makes it all the more fun because then my parents cannot get away from my sister and I. Eight of us... together... forever. The pools here have water slides (128 feet and 146 feet!) and the resort is within walking distance to Downtown Disney. The grounds are gorgeous (I would know because Letty has been trolling YouTube lately taking virtual tours, excited much? I have no idea where she gets that.). There is a 1.44 mile jogging loop that I'll be sure to check out with my dad before the sun comes up... Great way to tour the grounds - that running. Looking forward to it all, we are.

Where have you stayed at Disney? Favorites?



  1. I'll tuck this post away for future reference :) The tree house room looks awesome!

  2. I've never stayed at any of those resorts and I didn't know you could take a boat to DD from POR! I might have to consider that for a future vacay. I was debating a villa at the beach club but have to get some numbers together to see if we can avoid taking a mortgage out on the house to go..just kidding. Or am I?

  3. I've only stayed at the Coronado out of these and it was so long ago I don't remember it at all. The Caribbean Beach is high on my list though. I've got the boat ride from downtown to port orleans on my list of non-park things to do when we go to disney property for a random day trip. I bet Aria would enjoy it. That is super duper cute that Letty is taking virtual youtube of your next resort =) Aria and I watch 'see ya reel soon' on youtube for a fun Disney fix in the mornings, she bobs along to the music.

  4. These all sound amazing! I can't wait to see your pictures from the trip!

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