david's room. before and after.

This was another room that Matt was able to get in and paint prior to move in. Thank you brother! 




This room is set up almost identically to his old one. The only difference is the paint color. I wanted to tone down the otherwise crazy bright teal and be more soothing. All the decor I had purchased for him before he was born, mostly from Amazon. And if you look closely you may notice all the chew marks on his crib. He's kind of like a really cute beaver. The piece of furniture under the window with all the storage cubbies holding his books was made by Matt. I got the 'David' letters from Micheals and glued maps I cut up onto said letters. 

More to do: My brother will probably paint a pirate ship by his crib like he did in his old room. Maybe even a palm tree if he's feeling particularly kind. We also need to get this quote ordered and up there stat. 

For more room tours click HERE.

Happy weekend!



  1. Is it weird i kinda want my bedroom to look like this? LOVE PIRATES. Also love your kiddos. Less than two weeks til I can maul them (if they let me) :)

  2. Adorable! Are the hats a new addition? I don't think I've ever noticed them before. And yes, David needs to stop growing up so fast! :(

  3. STOP IT.
    This is so totally adorable and I wanna come over and play Pirates!!!

  4. Ace would KILL for this room. He is obsessed with pirates. Like eats breakfast with a sword at the table, would like to be called Hook on random days kind of obsession!! I love this, another room well done!!

  5. This is awesome! I love it! Makes me want to sail away somewhere, probably the Caribbean. :)


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