bibs and car bombs - a kerri takeover

Things may look a little funny around these parts today. Because the complete opposite of Laurie has taken over Andiamo. A Cheshire Kat. And I have a fun story for you kids. Want to travel back to 2005? I sure as hell do. This would have been more timely if we posted this last month. But I don't care. I'm going to tell you the story of Laurie's and my first bomb together. Irish car bomb that is. 

You're probably wondering why I remember such an odd event. Well this St. Patrick's Day was a unique one. It fell on a Wednesday (why do I remember that too?) and we decided to skip our second Experimental Psychology class (sorry momma Trovato) of the semester because it was 4 hours long and we had a case of Miller Lite to consume and a party in the dorm to be had. My two neighbors - Sterling and friends and Matteo (aka Laurie's husband) right next to that - would all gather for any random excuse to hang out. Well this fine holiday, not only was I the only one who didn't wear green (this is my life) like a moron, Laurie and I were the only two who had never had an Irish car bomb. Now in case you live under a rock and do not know what this is, it's pretty much the following: Jameson Irish Whiskey floating on top of a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream, which is dumped into half a pint of Guinness and then chugged. Tastes like chocolate milk; very filling. Moving on. 

The real exciting part of the story here is not just that we took (only one) of these shots, but it is the photography you'll see below. And my awful shirt. I hope I burned that. But I'm pretty sure I just donated it to someone at the Salvation Army like the good citizen I am. Make sure you read the captions below too. They really enhance this story. Memories…like the corners of my mind. Now back to Laurie and I playing in Orlando/Disney World.
The best couple ever. Laur is gonna love this photo. You're welcome.

IMG_0646 The photo bombs in this are exceptional. Not exceptional? That Livestrong band we both had on.

IMG_0657 That's Sterling, as I mention above. By the way, I don't recommend cutting your own bangs.

Now onto the car bomb... 

St. Patty's Day 006 Step 1: Put your shit down and get your bibs ready. For spillage.

St. Patty's Day 005 Step 2: With hesitation, grab that net (the shot) and catch that beautiful butterfly (the beer). Sterling was a good teacher.

St. Patty's Day 004 Step 3: Post shot buzz. Bibs helped with spillage. We survived. Toot toot beep beep.

St. Patty's Day 011 This because: Matt looks tan and we have amazing boobage. Livestrong 4 life. And we're the three best friends that anyone could have.