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bermuda. the second visit.


I thought I would do something a little different with today's post and include only photos taken by the lovely Ashley of Wishbone Photography. Check her out if you're local. She is my sister-in-law after all.

Another Thursday and another tropical destination. This time as the title suggests we are landing in Bermuda. We left out of New Jersey and headed south on board the Celebrity Summit. It was Letteria's first cruise. We had been to Bermuda in 2002, and not that much had changed since other than an adjustment to the participants. There was a lot of on-board and on-shore running, as Beth and I were in full-fledged half marathon training. At night we strolled around the wharf and visited the glass factories and a small fair. We rode on one of those banana raft speed boat things and almost all of us got thrown off. We ferried over to Hamilton where we saw a church and possibly bought some Cubans. The food could be a post of it's own, as all cruise food could. Letty dug her little piggies into pink sand beaches and got that pink sand just about everywhere. I'll leave it at that and let Ashley's photos do the rest of the talking. And if you ask me, you should always travel with your own family photographer. I bet the Kennedy's did.


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  1. Wow. Another amazing family trip. My favorites: You and Matt and the marg; the sunset; and Letty in the pram. Yay xx

  2. Makes me miss cruises so much. Always so much fun being out in the middle of an ocean with family :) Also - thanks for always calling out Wishbone for me Laur. Appreciate it :) Perhaps someday I'll get into blogging. Depends on if I have time after taking all my photos! If and when I do, I'll def link over to all your awesome ideas. <3

  3. holy photos haha. but they are all gorg!

  4. my most favorite destination! lovely pictures by Ashley, as usual! :)

  5. these are the mooost fun photos!! yall are such good travelers, i am impressed!!

  6. Amazing pictures! Another reminder of somewhere I need to get to sooner rather than later. :)

  7. These pictures! Some of them were just so funny!! You guys have to be such a blast to travel with.


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