when a husband plans a blog post

We were sitting around here tonight (last night for those of you reading in real time) and I said to Matt: I have no blog post for tomorrow. Which is strange because normally I have a general idea on Sundays of what each day that week will hold because I am OCD and it is my process. The post I had planned to post for today was some sort of self-pitying post about pregnancy and how some people have all the luck (play that violin) and I (more importantly, Matt) didn't feel that was right because I am to be an aunt (times THREE) and that is pretty amazing and I didn't want to take away from that so.... Matt said I'll ask you five questions and you answer. Longest sentence ever. 

See? Three separate aunts happening here and it's just pretty freaking awesome. I know one is a niece but the other two are still secrets. I hate secrets.

Questions as per Matt:

1 - What is your favorite childhood food and why? Brown rice. My Grammy would have this quite often and for many years I was told it was a rice only made in Maine but I stand here today to tell you that the box of rice can be purchased in Pennsylvania as well. And my heart is happy.

2 - What would be one thing you would change about your life? To never get a dog. Yikes. Blog suicide. But all sarcasm aside I wish I had given my father-in-law more of a chance while he still walked this earth. How's that for the heavy?

3 - What is your favorite fast food?  Big. Mac. I tried the Big King today and it really was quite close but it was no cigar. I realize that McDonald's might be the worst of the worst fast food but it is quiiiite tasty.

4 - What was the worst part about moving? The Plan. I need The Plan. I need to know who is doing what and when and in what order. Moving never goes to The Plan. One must acknowledge that first.

5 - Outline why you like this house better than our last house. An outline? What is this college? He is such a prick don't we think?

i) More space. We hosted a breakfast for 13 on Sunday and I was amazed by the room available. You could have done jumping jacks.
ii) Proximity to family. This is a no brainer. If my parents want to run past and drop something off or have coffee that ability is there and it's kind of nice.
iii) I can see the great yellow arch from the walking path.
iv) It is past eleven and I think we have all had enough.

And that is how it's done when one wants to whine but one's husband informs you that whining isn't a positive endeavor. And one hates to admit that he is right,but when he's right. He's right.



  1. he's right :)

    also i'm so excited for the three more babies!

  2. Being an aunt is a lot of fun :) And I have to agree...Bic Mac all the way!

  3. Lol you made me giggle. And yay for being an Aunt. I love it. And I agree about the pregnancy thing. and also, Robs ultimate favorite is the big mac. He is taking a photo and trying one in every country we go to.

  4. Aunties are rockstars! At least that is what I have recently been told. And again Matt comes in for the win. Excellent questions. I was talking about fast food restaurants the other day with my brother. I haven't been to any since last July. Unless you count Subway which I sort of do but it is in a different league. So there's another perk of my Veggiestyle. lol

  5. Aww...being an aunt has to be fun too. I happen to be the only one with kids in my family. In my siblings defense though 5 have yet to graduate high school. haha! And big mac...check and check! Love it and there will be no changing that :)

  6. Being an aunt is fun:)

    And number 4..omg can I relate!!!!!!! NOT HAVING A PLAN IS KILLING ME.


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