the tale of the hunter boots

This long and at often times incoherent tale is a tale of The Boots. The Hunter Boots. It all started on Sunday when I noticed a crack in my otherwise perfect Boots. I was dismayed. A quick check of our credit card statement from last year (who keeps receipts nowadays?) showed the purchase date was March 4. Exactly two days hence till the one year warranty expired. Panic ensued.

A quick call to Hunter Customer Service Monday morning dictated we must return to the purchasing retailer. Nordstrom. In Towson, Maryland.  So after the snow was cleared off the roads down there I attempted (and spoiler alert, I completed) the journey. Me, myself, and the two kids. Yes. I intended to go into Nordstrom. To the top floor. With my two cohorts. And a stroller. Oh, and The Boots. Why? Because I'm an independent woman. Nah, that's not it. I guess to see if I could? I like to live dangerously.

No traffic. No speeding tickets. No surly passengers. Oh wait. I almost blocked out the child that screamed at varying decibels for the final thirty minutes. To which I countered with varying decibels of toddler radio on Pandora. If I am going to lose my hearing I might as well throw some music in there as well.

Arrival at the mall...Smooth sailing so far. Our umbrella stroller is currently misplaced due to the move and the indisputable fact that we have belongings in three different homes... So the double stroller it was. It worked nicely to hold The Boots instead of The Second Child because: mama I walk by myself? Yes? My plan was find the elevator. Hit 3. Bribe and threaten and otherwise coerce the children all while praying for good behavior till I could exchange my Boots after what was surely to be a heated argument about warranties and customer service and the like.

Was the elevator working? No. A quick ramble down to the other end of the mall found an elevator but not one to get to the third floor of the store in question. More walking. More elevator hunting. Had I needed an escalator I could have found those in spades. Finally success. Third floor of the store here we are! A frazzled mother and two tots and The Boots. 

Enter a kind well-dressed older gentleman. He just gave The Boots a quick glance and proceeded to refund my money without even checking on purchase date. They must have had some information within The Great Computer. I lucked out in that they had The Original Tour's in stock in my size and color. So. I took it. They are a bit more light-weight and flexible which was perhaps my problem to begin with. Am I writing too much about shoes?

Are you still with  me? I'm sure you aren't but if you are I appreciate it most greatly.

The kindly gentleman was quite impressed with the children's behavior. And I just looked at him a bit blankly like, who? My kids? Cannot be! But sure. It was true. They shared a container of goldfish and took in the sight of all those gorgeous shoes and didn't drop even a single crumb. Not a one. I quickly made for the exit before the real them arrived and ruined this whole facade I had going on.

And so I rewarded them with the best of the best treats. McDonald's. And yeah. I guess I can do this. Next up? Tiffany's!

Oh and David had a run in with my pinky nail. Oh! Oh! And the day just got loads better when this happened. I'm just all kinds of proud faces.