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There are many things you may not know about me, my dear reader. You may not know perhaps, that I collected rocks and marbles as a child, and that I still have them, stored away at my parent's house in my dad's old plastic electrical boxes. You may not know that I have every stitch of paraphernalia associated with the American Girl, Kirsten, including boxes, hangers and yes, the tissue paper. To just wave my nerd flag further (and proudly) I am totally in to my family's history. The pieces of which are scattered across the oceans and several languages. I'm not a full-on ancestory.com member. Yet. But I do dabble. I love old family photographs and old stories. I love letters and I love history. I am the keeper of the keys for my side of the family's past on a very broad and yet shallow level (I even have a prehistoric, in the technological sense, computer program for tracking). Birth dates and names. Who married who. Etc. And I also keep some artifacts I have unearthed during this move. 

I used to be quite the penpal. I loved the act of writing and receiving letters. When I was in middle school I wrote to my Great Aunt Anna, my grandpa's sister. She would indulge me with old stories and put up with my adolescent's questioning. She was always kind and sweet, encouraging my little doodles, telling me someday I could be a cartoonist. But mostly she told me stories. Stories about her parents, Letteria and Francesco, and their life together. Not a lot. But just enough. 

And to represent my mother's side I found an envelope full of old photographs of my poppop from all his world travels. Also included? His driver's license from the war and a stack of post cards sent home to his wife later in life. Mundane topics like commenting on the flight or the weather. But I'll cart them all from house to house, because that's what one does with history. 

Yup. My poppop called my Grammy "snooks". You saw it here first. 



  1. All of this. I love your little historic heart. Also - weird fact - my dad calls his wife snooks. Among other names. But weird. Mind. Blown.

  2. this is so cool! i love that your poppop called your grammy snooks :)

  3. sooo cool!! i love love love that stuff, too. my grandmom has a full account on ancestry.com so i have used my free one to stalk her comments in the thread ;) and ummm that driver's license!!! so amazing! so are you italian on both sides and a little german on your mom's side or am i just making that up? i am italian on my dad's side but none at all on my mom's, a little german on that side.

  4. Oh you know how this speaks to me. I am a lover of family history as well. I have a few things that I cherish. One of my favourite things is my Papa's old journal from when he went to college. The same college I went to. Oh and the boxes of letters I have from those days of mine at college, quite the collection. I love writing letters still actually. I wish I did it more. Actually, it is a goal of mine to do it more. lol

  5. This is so cool! thank you for sharing some snippets about your family history. I love the handwriting. Sad that beautiful hand writing is slowly fading from existence (myself included) :P
    It is very cool that you are like your Mom, and hold onto things : )

  6. I love family history!!! Chris and I paid the ridiculous amount on ancestry.com to find stuff out and we ended up spending an entire weekend finding out so much about our families. Though all the Italians were hard to find since they are straight off the boat and didn't have the right names written down. But I am totally with you on family history!!

  7. Love all of this - family history is so cool. I haven't taken much time to look into mine, but love hearing stories from our families. You have to cart all of this with you to the new home!

  8. So cool. I love asking my grandmother questions about this type of stuff. She is 92 and has so many stories.

    Plus, nothing cooler than a handwritten letter.


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