...We have moved. We packed up all our schtuff and put it in cars and trucks and trailers and we moved. Who would have thought based solely on blogland last week....but, here's a secret. Those posts you all (maybe) read last week? I wrote them weeks ago. Scheduled. Had ya fooled?
... We have been (hashtag) blessed with wonderful family and friends who did the following: pick things up and put things down, paint, install more light fixtures than I can count, climb sixteen foot ladders, dust, wash floors, clean dog slobber off of walls, wash windows and blinds, clean behind toilets, bring us food and watch our children (huge props to Stephanie and Beth for doing that for a full day each because - yikes). We are kinda the luckiest little family of four to have such great people in our lives and we are so appreciative of you all. I know I forget sometimes how to say thank you but really. We are the luckiest. How else could we have done....

... All the painting (in all the lands)! There are exactly 13 rooms in this house and we have painted 11 of them. In a week. Our boxes are banished and our decor is hung and the house is clean and here is the proof. It's in the pudding. And I don't really like to toot our own horn but I kinda think this is a big deal based on what it was and so I may just toot it. Toot. I do plan on before and after posts because you guys gotta see it to believe it.

... I've been stalking Walmart's website because I believe the rumors to be true and that at some point they have recently had a Frozen comforter available. I only check 7,853 times a day. This is a battle I shall win. Mark my words. 

... We had a driveway yard "free" sale a few weeks ago. Basically we threw anything and everything from four separate residences in the driveway and advertised on Craigslist. And let me tell you. People. Are. Vulchas. We advertised a starting time of 7:00 am and people were out there in the dark at 6:00 am. By 9:00 am all but two items were gone. From a stocked driveway. It was something to see. And something to be documented for all of you to read.

... Not only did I recently trim Letty's hair but I also added David as a victim. He had a mullet. A cute curly mullet. His Nonna held him in a bear hug and I went at him with a pair of kitchen shears. I figure you can't tell I did a thing. And Rhonda Hairdresser Extraordinaire won't hate me too much in that I saved her from chasing him around whilst he screams. 

... If the weather has gotten over 40 degrees I'm out the door faster than David can say CHUGGA CHUGGA. Walks are my favorite thing about Spring and if I can do it in March? Oh yeah. Lots of the walks. Looking forward to investigating this new neighborhood as well. I may spend the entire walk holding back the tears because I've been a bit of a ball bag lately because this and this.

Off to search again for the Frozen comforter. She's really playing hard to get.