lady liberty

I've been sharing past travels lately that involve packing up and going someplace far, far away. Today I'll be staying more local, with a quick day trip to see Ellis Island and Miss Lady of Liberty. 

My sister and Matt and I took Letty here a few years ago.... why? Just because. It had been awhile. And clearly she needed to see the plaque where her namesake's name was engraved. It was a very hot day to say the least. And very crowded as I'm sure she is most of the time these days. But we went. We saw. And we only drove three hours to get there.

We bought our tickets beforehand of course, because that's just how we roll. We went through security before boarding the ferry for Ellis Island. Lunch there was hectic and I wish I had just brought food from home. The crowds! We did a self-guided short tour of the museum and then headed over to see the statue. Which involved clicking a few pictures and hopping right back onto the ferry again because, crowds.


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  1. How fun! I went to the Statue of Liberty prior to 9/11 and I still have the photos from it. Looking at them is so eery now. But I remember it to be so much fun! My husband has never gone. I'd love to bring him one day. Love the pictures!

  2. I'm lovin' that you guys travel so much and take the littles with you!! I'd love to go to NYC. I have NEVER been. NOT ONCE. I'm a small town girl myself..the city intimidates me. But Nick grew up in Baltimore so I'm getting used to it because we go down there a lot to visit family. I'm still glad I live in the sticks though..and wow. This post got off topic fast. HA!

  3. This is just fueling my desire to get my ass to NY! Great pictures, as always. It is so special the history that Letty has to share there.

  4. NYC is one of my fav places!! And the statue of liberty was so fun to see. I cannot wait to take all my kids to see these sights. Now if I could just get a liiiiittle closer to the lower 48! haha

  5. I still can't get over baby Letty. But this post is about NYC, my favorite city in the world! Loved checking otu Ellis Island and I love all of the history around it!

    Okay, call me and abuse me if I don't remember next week.

    It sounds like y'all had a great timer. And baby Letty is amazing. We only saw Lady Liberty from a far when we went, but I wanna see her closer in June : )

  7. so fun!! i cannot believe how much letty has changed since she was a tiny tot!! i love yall's travels. and did you find any ancestor names on the big wall? my cousins, i know, have found my great-grandfather mario's name, and i don't know who else, but i have never gotten to go myself and see i wannaaaa! i've never been to nyc! total america fail on my part.

  8. love love! PS cannot believe brittany you've never been to NYC! you must!


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