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kiss us. we're irish.


Or Italian and Norwegian with a touch of German. As you can tell. But you can kiss us anyway. 

We get the majority of our kid clothes from our lovely neighbor loves and THEY happen to be of Irish descent. So come March so are we. 

These photo shoots. I'll tell you. They never turn out the way I imagine. And that is because I am not a professional. But I try. Snotty noses and moving boxes and huge baby bellies and flyaway hairs and movies playing in the background.  The things photo shoots are made of. And static. 

So everybody enjoy their St. Patrick's Day weekend and have a green beer or two or three for the Olsen family.



  1. Oh my gosh..the littles. I just wanna SQQQQQUUUUUEZE them. They are so darn cute!!

    Haha, You aren't lying with the photo shoot thing either. I attempt them with Savanna but she is UNSTOPPABLE these days. Getting her to sit still for a picture? Yeah right!

  2. Awww so so so adorable! Sending some Canadian kisses for them! Do you think it is safe to drink green wine? I hate beer. ;)

  3. I love the picture of Lettys reflection in the mirror! Great shots! Cute kids :)

  4. ummmmmm those are the cutest pictures! I love the glittery kiss me shirt so cute!

  5. So cute!! I love the belly shot, we have lots of those for Pierce! haha. I don't know if we will be celebrating st. pattys day, is that sad?

  6. Oh the cuteness. I can't wait to meet these little cuties : )

  7. Your kiddos are the most precious little nuggets :)

  8. You always have great pics....loving the clothes (esp Letty's gold clover) and her top knot. Damn, she is already more stylish than me. Not fair.


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