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it happened again.


I've done this before and... here I am again.  Thanks to my Mother's skills of hoarding. I mean sentimentalism. Which I am seven years into her training program and I am doing well young grasshopper. Actually this coat had been out on loan to a cousin and we only just got it back. Which is why it is a bit snug on Letty. That's me circa December 1985 and Letty circa now. 

Aren't we all such a vision of 1985 flair?

Every now and then in the midst of our daily mess she plays along and does something I ask of her. When she decides to cooperate it is no small feat. And in this case it made my heart smile that she at least got to wear this little gem once in her lifetime. Wonder what other little things my mother has up her sleeve?



  1. aw how adorable! that is so neat your mom keeps that stuff!

  2. Can't even begin to explain how much I love this. That coat looks very couture and high end. Letty is totally rocking it! As the lady did before here:)

  3. Sometimes the cuteness on this blog just kills me. You two are awesome. And big ups to your Mom for mega hoarding. Love it! x

  4. oh.em.gee!!! This is too much. I cannot believe you are able to capture moments like this, what memories!

  5. Cutest coat ever and I love love love that it was yours...too cute. You think I could talk Cruz into wearing one of my old dresses? Who knows if I will ever get me a girl

  6. Awww. Love the coat. It is really cool that you get to share these special things with her. Well, when she lets you. :)


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