favorite watering holes in epcot

As always, I'm joining Laurie over at Disney 'n Diapers for all things Disney these Wednesdays. Head on over and check out her blog! After reading this of course. Wink wink.


Drinking around the World Showcase at Epcot is pretty much our jam. Start at Mexico and work your way around. We enjoy every country but we do have a few favorites.

- Italy. Wine. Red wine. We all know that Italy is just my favorite place in Europe and that I love all things Italian so this would be an obvious choice.

-France. Grand Marnier slushies. It's like an orange creamsicle in your mouth and as a bonus it's cold which is so refreshing after the day you've just had. Plus you can just sit at a cute little bistro table and fancy yourself a Parisian. While burping your baby.

- Mexico. Their margaritas are amazing, the music is festive. You can sit and enjoy your beverage overlooking the great lake and just relax under a palm tree. We normally start here as I've said a time or two but it's worth a double visit.
-Germany. You have to have a German Bier. A cool and refreshing beverage. Right by your questionably heritaged man.

What are your favorite drinking spots in Epcot?



  1. a shot of tequila in mexico is a new tradition in these parts. what else? champs in france. a beer in england. sake in japan (sometimes). china has this awful cantaloupey drink that my friends get but i loathe (ha). the US has nothing (go figure). I SOUND LIKE AN ALCOHOLIC. Sigh. I cant wait til you're here. :)

  2. Maybe THIS post will convince Steve that Disney is in fact a good time ;)

  3. Those creamsicle slushies are AMAZING. I admit I'm a one and done girl when it comes to those babies lol

  4. What a dream come true that you have been to all of those countries! Fantastic!

  5. Oh this sounds amazing! There isn't too many places that you can get a drink in Dineyland. Well, none in Disneyland actually. There's a couple in California adventure and of course Downtown Disney. This sounds like something I need to experience!

  6. The Grand Marnier slushies are delish. I'm looking forward to trying the ice cream martini deal at L'Artisan des Glaces one of these days.


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