favorite rides for the big kids

As always, I'm joining Laurie over at Disney 'n Diapers for all things Disney these Wednesdays. Head on over and check out her blog! After reading this of course. Wink wink.

One may think that Disney is only for the kids, and yes, that's a lot of it. But as I've said before there is something for everyone and the rides are no exceptions. Here are the top seven (lucky number seven) rides that Matt and I make sure to go on.... at least three times. Each. Sometimes more.


Pirates of the Caribbean. Like I've said before, Matt was a pirate in a prior life. It's gotten even more fun now that they added Captain Jack Sparrow.

Tower of Terror. This ride is just so themed I can't even stand it. I've been riding it since I was in 7th grade and it never gets old. It was especially exciting when they randomized the drops. You just never know what you're going to get. We could ride this thing a dozen times in a row and never tire of it.  

Aerosmith's Rock n' Rollercoaster. You just go so fast and then you can sing along to Aerosmith and it's just fast. And it's right next to the above ride so you can just go back and forth and back and forth again.

Soarin. This ride! It's so perfect! It's calming and beautiful and might even take your breath away and then you smell oranges and it's just a ride that I love. Like sprint straight there to get your FastPass and ride multiple times and even, gasp, wait in line for! Excuse crappy iPhone photo. Oh and the narrator who explains the ride before hand is funny. These little beauties. Hee hee.

Space Mountain. I remember waiting in line forever as a kid to get on that thing. It hasn't changed one bit and it's just as thrilling as it was when I was in middle school. It's dark! Are my hands going to get caught? My hair?

Expedition Everest. Again with the theme. I'm a sucker for attention to detail and this is certainly no exception. It's pretty much the only reason that Matt and I would go to Animal Kingdom for now. It goes backwards. It's fun.

Spaceship Earth. Color me dorky but I just love this. I love when M started narrating it. I love the story. I love that I can take Letty on it and point out the scenes that I've been viewing since I was a teenager. 

What are your favorite Disney rides?



  1. OMG THAT LAST PHOTO. My baby girl. Sigh. Grow up too fast. Also Rob and Matt look thrilled to be waiting in line for Space Mountain ha. Lastly, I must include Nemo because clams. 3 deep. I sat solo in my clam on Friday and it made me sad.

  2. First of all that last photo - you look freaking amazing. Plus Lettie looks super adorable. And just one last thing, I NEED TO GO THERE!

  3. I want to go on Soarin so badly!!!! Missed it last time I was at Disney bc there were no fast passes left and the line was 4 hours. Now I want to go on it even more!!! :)

  4. they all sound so fun! one day very soon :)

  5. Stop being so gorgeous already UGH.

    Rock n Roller coaster is my fav..gets me pumped every time. Tower of Terror is also up there on the list..I'm obsessed with the Twilight Zone so this is especially AWESOME!

  6. Oh I love 4/7 of these! although of course they look a little different when I ride them. :) The other look awesome and I will definitely have to ride them one day.

  7. I want to goooooo!!!!!! All these post remind me that I haven't had a vacation in years! years on top of years on top of years! Clearly my children are deprived...i guess we will just go watch Frozen for the one millionth time!

  8. When I finally make it to Disney I just might be taking you along with me for pointers.:.or rereading all these posts. Actually these posts would be much cheaper....


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